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Created in Spring 2011 – a unique approach to generate honest and thought-provoking conversations at UNO. Developed through a partnership between Student Organizations and Leadership Programs, Student Government and other campus partners, the UNOrthodox speaker series is designed to spark new ideas for the campus and our community. Looking for frank discussions that matter? Look no further than the UNOrthodox speaker series at UNO.

Before that, consider the following:
  • What professors offer the best lectures?
  • What makes their classes popular?
  • What conversations are sparked in class?
  • Can those discussions change the world?


The Mission of the UNOrthodox Speakers Series is to provide an opportunity for the UNO community to explore the multidimensional nature of higher education and to encourage discussion and reflection.


The UNOrthodox Speakers Series features student nominated faculty dedicated to advancing an intellectual, cultural, physical and social learning environment. This dynamic faculty will complement and enhance Uno’s educational opportunities by sharing their passion and knowledge about various topics affecting our world today.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • The UNOrthodox series exists to serve the needs of various student populations by ensuring diverse topics and presenters.
  • The UNOrthodox series will support the development of student leadership and responsible citizenship by encouraging exploration of culture and appreciation of academic disciplines.
  • The UNOrthodox series will engage students in critical thinking and encourage future exploration of the presented material.